Who Is This Guy? Craig's writing really took off when it was clear the NBA wasn't calling

Writer Craig Playstead

Craig and his creative partner, Rocco

I’m Craig Playstead, content strategist, digital marketer, and lifelong writer. This blog for has evolved into a place where I share what I’ve learned from the past couple decades of creating and managing content for millions of people, and some of the world’s most powerful brands. It’s been pretty awesome.

“Craig is an exceptional writer/editor/producer. Extremely creative and amazingly talented, I’ve relied on Craig over the years for a multitude of story assignments. When we needed to be innovative to drive audience engagement, Craig always could come up with that ‘unique’ and ‘winning’ story angle.”
Mary Seiler, Managing Editor – MSN

My first check for a published piece hit the mailbox when I was 17 and I’ve been wrestling with words ever since. As a freelance writer, I’ve been read by millions and I’ve also been an editor, content marketer, and strategist for some of the world’s biggest brands. Throw in mobile, radio, TV and video games, and I’ve created content on just about every platform imaginable. The next platform will probably be a dishwasher or microwave. I’m up for it.

Here’s Why I Might Know What I’m Talking About

While I’ve created content on every platform imaginable, the one thing they all share is that you have to connect with your reader/customer. That’s not negotiable, you have to. It’s something I’ve always focused on whether I was writing a story that’ll be read by ten million people (like this one) or writing copy for a million dollar mobile app. If you can’t make that reader or customer care, it doesn’t matter what else you do. So, remember:

It’s about the reader, stupid (Yes, an idea borrowed from Bill Clinton).

Writing started for me about the same time I realized I couldn’t do math, more specifically, when shapes were introduced. This witchcraft called Geometry made no sense to me. It was like looking at hieroglyphics on a stone wall. Almost the same day math caused my eyes to cross, I started being praised for my ability to write. A whole world opened up, and it’s been the foundation of everything I’ve done since which has included:

  • Leading the content and writing for an Xbox football video game that sold over a million copies.
  • Writing a story for MSN that brought in over 40 million page views.
  • Doing a talk-show with the legendary and infamous Morton Downey Jr. (hell of a nice guy).
  • Being interviewed on national TV and radio stations across the country.
  • Partnering with content legends such as Esquire, MTV, NBC, Fox Sports, The NFL on Fox and HBO.
  • Setting the editorial strategy for a product with 20 million users.
  • At the forefront of content revolutions on both web and mobile.
Craig Playstead

Some of the companies I’ve managed partnerships with or created content.

We live in the best time in history to make a living with words. This isn’t about syntax, grammar or the strength of your nut graph. This is the real world where the smartest don’t always win. You need a thick skin, a little talent and a lot of balls. It’s about who can survive the longest, weather the storm, and make the best decisions.

Let’s get after it,


“Craig – Your words are not only true, but eloquently written. Thank you for allowing me to take a few minutes out of my day to remind me of my three reasons for getting up every day.”
– Chris B., Staff Seargent

Craig being interviewed on National TV about a piece that went viral.

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