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This is a sample of what I’ve written and worked on over the years. These pieces were read by millions and helped brands connect with customers. This page includes: freelance writing, copywriting, native advertising, game writing, and writing for corporate blogs. 

Freelance Writing

photo by Pete MarkhamHow I Drive a Mini Van … and Live with Myself (800,000 + page views)

While this one didn’t get millions of page views, it was probably the most engaging story I have ever written. Who knew minivans would touch such a nerve?

“What a well-written, entertaining article! It’s so funny because my husband and I discuss the “minivan image” debate all the time! I’m glad I clicked on this article!” – MSN Reader



The Death of Buying Music (100,000 + page views)

I used to get a rush when I bought music. Growing up, I’d ride my 10-speed into town and flip through their used vinyl just hoping to unearth a jewel. Now, that magic is gone.



photo by Jason Lawrence

Uber and the Future of Employment

The class-action lawsuit against Uber could not only cause the company’s business model to collapse, it could do more harm to the future of employment. This was written for



XboxHere’s a story written by the Seattle Times about the game writing and content work while at XBOX:

Seattle Times: Searching Seahawk Camp for Sounds of Football

Last year former Seahawks cornerback Shawn Springs was not pleased to see he had slowed down in NFL Fever. He complained to Playstead, who bit his tongue rather than spit his reply. “I didn’t bring up the fact he got caught by Rich Gannon,” Playstead said.



You can also check out my LinkedIn profile (here). It shows more of my background including my time as a content lead for a major online fantasy football service, one of the Internet’s first talk show hosts (before podcasting), content relationships with Esquire, The NFL, Men’s Health, NBC, MTV, MSNBC and many others.

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