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How to Deal With Burn Out

what to do when you're burned out

That's me

I made a big deal about writing 30 posts in 30 days. About how it would help get my writing back. About how it would kickstart even more writing and get me back on track. So I write 30 posts in 30 days and it works. Then what happens? I don’t post anything else for a month. Like the rest of my life for the past couple years, this made no sense. Until it did.

I am burned out.

I’ve been going hard for about a year and a half with no real time off, an incredible amount of stress and now beyond crispy. Since it seems I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore, I consulted my favorite blogger and failure James Altucher on how to deal with burn out. Then I made chocolate chip cookies.

Any of us who strives for success of any kind in life are prone to burnout when we don’t take care of ourselves. In my case, it’s no great secret that I need more sleep and less to do. Not a day passes where I don’t have to be somewhere — immediately. It’s the way my life is right now.

So more sleep, take a vacation, less to do. A good start, but that won’t cut it. I need more. Altucher contends that when big burn out hits that you need to shake things up in your life. He suggests making a list of everything you ever wanted to do. Everything you want right now. And start doing it. That’s a potent combination. I’m going to do it.

Right after my cookies.


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