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The One Thing That’s Making You Look Old

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. For some reason I can’t get into a groove lately. Plus, I have another project that I’m trying to get off the ground that I think is really cool. Put it together with work, raising three kids and one very finicky dog and you have a blog that gets less attention than Tom Cruise at a Dawson’s Creek reunion.

So what did I choose to write about for the first time in a while?

Eyebrows. Yes, you read that correctly.

You need this information because you’re walking around with a ticking time bomb just above your eyes. You have no idea. I’ve written a lot of style pieces over the years for the average guy, so I’ve convinced myself that I’m qualified to warn you about this.

Listen, your wife half-heartedly tells you that you look great, but that’s not what she’s thinking.

As that first gray hair sets in, all kinds of  fun things start happening. Some internal, too many external. Let’s start with an easy one that you’re ignoring. It’s low-hanging fruit.

It’s your eyebrows. You’re not in your seventies yet, so they shouldn’t look worse than the plants in your back yard where stems and leaves are protruding from places you didn’t know existed. They need attention. And before you make some comment about not being “a girl,” know that even the manliest of men need be presentable.

The beauty of this problem is that it’s easy to fix, but not by you. My God, the thought of any of you standing at the bathroom mirror armed with scissors, tweezers and whatever else you can find is enough to make anyone cringe. You need help, and it should be coming from a trained professional.

Your barber is the star of the show. Whomever is cutting your hair needs the keys to your appearance. Be direct in saying you’re trusting her to make sure you don’t have a ridiculous haircut for someone your age, your eyebrows won’t be launching a hostile takeover of your face and that nothing else is out of whack above your shoulders.

She’s part of your ever-important team which also includes your doctor, mechanic, trainer, dentist and anyone else who keeps the wheels from falling off your life. Tip well. Tip often.

Guys, don’t get too comfortable.

And build that team.

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(image by Joy of Life via Creative Commons)

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