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What to do When Your Dog Thinks You’re an Idiot

how to simplify your life

Simplify your life

It’s a shot to the ego when someone who shits in the backyard thinks you’re an idiot.

Rocco is confused. He looks at me running around on zero sleep trying to accomplish things that can’t be accomplished while he naps and licks himself. Not necessarily in that order. I can tell he thinks his time is better spent than mine. And he’s probably right. I’m not alone in this.

What if we quit doing  most of the things we do now and focused on the one thing that really mattered? Let the yard go to hell. Don’t go to that family reunion in Mississippi and instead reunite with the family we live with. Or maybe call in sick on a Wednesday and read a book in the backyard.

Rocco may be on to something. Although he still wants thumbs.


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