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When Did We Get Old?

Dealing with getting older

Getting older creeps up on you ... photo by Nandadevieast

I can remember being a kid and feeling sorry for my parents. They were old and had to go work and deal with stuff that was no fun at all: bills, money, fixing the dryer and taking care of us.

All I cared about was sports, getting my hands on a Playboy, playing baseball in the street and taping my favorite songs off the radio. Times were good. Really good.

When my parents friends came over I looked at them and couldn’t believe how old they were. They had no life. Nothing to live for except a Peter, Paul and Mary concert that came to the county fair every three years. Now, I look at my friends and we’ve become the very thing I pitied.

When did this happen?

The worst thing is on some level I was right. Getting older does suck. When you’re young you dream of becoming older because then you could do what you want. The reality is that you can do a lot less of what you want if you’ve signed up for the ultimate responsibility: raising a family and building a career.

But getting older doesn’t suck. Well, some of it sucks, but not all of it. You learn who you are. You peel away that skin you wear that tries to one-up the neighbors, fit in with people you don’t even like and hone in on your passions. That part is great. You spend your youth trying to be like everyone else, but you use adulthood to become yourself. Some sooner than others, but we all get there.


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