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Why is the Music Still So Loud?

I always figured when I hit my 40’s I’d start listening to mellower music like my parents did. They listened to the Beatles and Beach Boys back in the day, but had settled into mostly un-listenable music in their 40’s. It was crap, and a lot of eye rolling ensued. I fully expected to fall into the same trap, but the music I listen to is still as loud as just about anything out there.

Have we not grown up? Shouldn’t I be worshiping at the altar of Jack Johnson or Mumford & Sons by now? My kids tend to roll their eyes when the latest Foo Fighters CD starts blaring, but they know all the words and Girl #1 even pretends she’s Dave Grohl.

One thing is for damn sure about life: nothing is what I thought it would be.

(This is post #18 in my 30 posts in 30 days challenge.)

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