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Working Over 40 Hours a Week Craters Productivity

I just about fell over when I realized this was post #29. It’s a short one because I have a couple of sick kids, a needy 70 lb dog and Boy #1 was working on a presentation tonight about Argentina (free education through college we found out).

At the start of my little journey I wrote about our generation being the last of the hard workers and if you’re still pulling 60 hour weeks then you’re fooling yourself. Well, I’m not alone in these thoughts. Lifehacker (one of my favorite sites and a must read) wrote today about the downsides to working long hours in How Many Hours a Week Do You Work? (Hint: If it’s Over 40 You May Have a Problem).

It’s an interesting read and a little simplistic at times (stating that one out of every 4 Americans working 50 hours a week is unemployed), but worth the time. It really pounds home that 150 years of research shows that shorter working hours actually increase productivity and profits, and overtime destroys them. Plus, it’s also terrible for our families and personal lives. Not exactly breaking news.

Again, work smarter not harder.

pixel Working Over 40 Hours a Week Craters Productivity
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