The Secret to Writing Anything in One Minute

You won’t find a quicker and easier tip to help you connect with your readers (or customers) more than this one from 7-time New York Times bestselling author, Neil Strauss. This will take 1 minute of your day.

I don’t care if you’re writing a book, website copy, the “about” page for your bakery, or an email. Take a look the video, and then I’ll add a little more.

I think Neil’s first comment about making them care is more helpful than “don’t be boring.” That can be more subjective. But making someone care? That takes more thought and work. So, the next time you sit down to write anything, think about your audience and how you can make them care about your message. Your subject can be boring, but how you present it can make it the most interesting thing you’ve ever written.

This is the most important writing tip you’ll ever get.

– Craig


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