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It’s about adapting to change …

I hope 2015 has gotten off to a great start for you and that things are humming right along. I just wanted to communicate my plans for this blog (I think this is year 8 — wow).

Last year I launched my writing/content blog that took an enormous amount of planning and figuring out. The problem? I found myself with two blogs. Keeping up one blog is tough, two is just asking for it.

The other issue with taking so long to launch Man vs. Words is that the content industry has changed a ton. Again. Man, it’s tough to keep up. I also was able to do a lot of consulting on content strategy/marketing and writing for both businesses and writers, which took the place of publishing a lot of new writing for me. So, now I have an updated plan.
I’m going to use this blog as my professional home, calling on my decades of experience helping people with copy, writing and content marketing. Now, all the content will still be rooted in the way I present things, so crazy things from life, music, comedy, and pop culture will still be in there. But the goal will be around content/writing and it’s importance in the world now. Finally, after all these years content and writing are now what’s driving the bus. It’s replacing advertising and used to build trust with customers. No business (or personal brand) can be without it. I tell you this because if this isn’t your bag, please go ahead and unsubscribe — I don’t want anything showing up in your inbox that you don’t want. I hate that too. No problem at all.If this kind of thing still tickles your fancy, do nothing and I’ll keep sending you new stuff when it happens. I will say this: if you own a business, please stick around. As advertising dies and marketing changes, you’re going to need new weapons in your arsenal to find and keep your customers. I can help.

Thanks again for reading my ramblings over the years — hope to see you on the other side.

Your buddy,

– Craig

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Happiness in 2015Happiness is the one thing everyone seems to chase, except those precious who have it. There’s even a formula for it which you can find here.
How do you find happiness? Well, most of us tend to overthink it, but not this genius. He can’t eat with his hands, poops in the backyard, doesn’t have an iPhone, has no money, and has the worst morning breath imaginable. But he’s the happiest thing walking.

I asked his secret over some room temperature water that had been sitting in his bowl for about 36 hours with things floating in it that hadn’t yet been identified. These were his tips:

Focus on experiences. While he loved the bacon flavored chew bone he got from Santa, nothing comes close to the joy he gets being walked by his brother or sister or going for a ride in the car and barking at no one in particular. And that’s only topped by being chased around the house by his favorite human with glasses and too much hair. The moral? Quit buying shit.Get outside and chase each other around.

Sleep. He dominates the shuteye game with no pills, masks, or even covers. He aims for 17 hours a day but doesn’t take it out on his family if he only clocks a paltry 16 1/2. He knows the easiest way to be a crabby pain in the ass is to be sleep-deprived.

Don’t focus on appearance. While he looks stately, he had chocolate sauce spilled all over his back two weeks ago for an entire day (it hardened), but didn’t let it ruin a night of hanging with his brothers during a marathon sleepover. The Cheetos that keep hitting the floor didn’t hurt either.

Keep your bathroom clean. While he does use the backyard, he’s choosy about where does his business and craves good smells. Keep your gross areas clean. Nothing will make you grumpy faster than built-up scuzz — a key to life.

Over everything, hang with your tribe. Come hell or high water, whenever I walk in the door he comes flying out of nowhere, jumps while spinning in circles and can’t get closer to me. It’s like I’ve been on a tour in the Middle East when all I did was go workout for a couple hours. All he really wants is his people around him, and it doesn’t really matter what they’re doing. That’s why they’re “man’s” best friend.

The best part about the last tip is that it makes others happy too, which is what he does best.

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I wrote a new piece over at my writing blog today that has literally been kicking around in my head for 13 years and thought you guys would appreciate it. It’s a 9/11 tribute about the smartest person I’ve ever met. As a guy who’s worked in tech since the late 90’s, that’s sayin’ something because I’ve worked for some of the most powerful companies in the world with some insanely smart people. But none of them as smart as this guy

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The Showdown in My Front Yard

While working in the yard the other day, I overheard my 9 year old telling his friend that his dad used to have a mole killing business. WHAT???? If he would have told his buddy I was an astronaut, it would have been closer to the truth. I had no idea what he was talking […]

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